Non-Profit Spotlight: BRIDGE Fort Worth and Junior League of Arlington


We designed a website for BRIDGE Fort Worth a few years back and the board has been doing a stellar job operating the site independently ever since! BRIDGE is an organization for young black professionals in the Fort Worth area, focused on community involvement, education, and professional development. Green Apple Lane proudly supports diversity and inclusion and it is our hope that leadership positions in every type of organization continue to become more reflective of the communities they serve, and the population as a whole.

We were more than happy to create a site that better served BRIDGE's needs. The board wanted to have an online home for the organization to showcase event photos (with easy access to update with new photos and self-created event graphics often), promote upcoming events and professional opportunities, as well as the capability to sell memberships online, and the ability to host separate content for different membership levels, accessible by only members of that level. We were excited to jump in and find a solution to these challenges. As part of the design process, we also created some graphics to break up large text areas and to organize their information most efficiently, like the graphic shown above reflecting the difference in benefits between their two membership levels. BRIDGE has been very happy with the functionality of the site – they were able to take the reins and they've done a fantastic job ever since!

2017-09-10 19.33.08.jpg

Most folks are familiar with the historic Junior League organization, one of the oldest women's clubs in the country (active since 1901)!

The 2017-2018 President of the Junior League of Arlington, April Pettitt, approached us prior to officially taking office to help develop a look for her theme for the year, "Heart is Key." We were proud to create a logo for JLA, and we love seeing it pop up continually on everything from social media graphics to members' T-shirts on the field at Dallas Cowboys stadium. These ladies are doing a ton of good in our community!

For the logo, we created a key graphic with a heart bow, and if you look closely, you'll notice the key cuts are edges of a heart, alternating between the point and the curved edge. Thanks for all you do, ladies!

We are blogging with a "Non-Profit November" theme this month to spotlight some of our favorite design projects for non-profit corporations. Be sure to keep up here and follow along each week to see what these amazing companies have been up to!

Non-Profit Spotlight: SHHS Alumni Association

Sam Houston High School is the second oldest high school in Arlington and one of the largest public high schools in the entire state of Texas, with a student body of well over 3,000. In 2013, the year of the school's 50th anniversary, a small group of alumni came together and quickly formed a full-fledged 501c3 non-profit organization. Since then, members have raised tens of thousands of dollars to support their alma mater and its recent graduates in the form of scholarships. Green Apple Lane is proud to have developed the branding for the association, as well as its website, which the current board members operate all on their own now (and they do quite a fantastic job). We still provide design services for their business cards, stationery, and social media graphics for a few of their ongoing drives and fundraising projects throughout the year, a favorite of which is the "Texans Helping Texans" program, shown below:


This organization does so much good for SHHS students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding community and all of East Arlington!

We are blogging with a "Non-Profit November" theme this month to spotlight some of our favorite design projects for non-profit corporations. Be sure to keep up here and follow along each week to see what these amazing companies have been up to!

Non-Profit Spotlight: Inspired Women Luncheon

The Inspired Women Luncheon is an annual event organized by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Women's Alliance to celebrate women, recognize community leaders, and award college scholarships. This was our fourth year to serve on the IWL committee and also as design sponsor for the event! The growth of this luncheon has been astonishing, and for 2017, we were excited to create a logo, branding the event for years to come. Our designs for this year's IWL event included:

  • Social media square graphics & Facebook page cover images
  • Logo design & branding guide
  • Flyer design to promote sponsorship throughout the year
  • Event signage
  • Event program
  • Print ads in Arlington Today magazine
The 2017 Inspired Women Luncheon Committee |  Alexander Portrait Designers

The 2017 Inspired Women Luncheon Committee | Alexander Portrait Designers

Below are a some select images of our work for this year's event as well as a few photos from the event itself, including the phenomenal speaker, Carrie Wilkerson, and sweet centerpieces by Sugar Bee Sweets (that's right; who needs flowers when you can have cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for centerpieces?!).

Green Apple Lane is a proud member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and we have loved participating in this wonderful event and helping it grow from around 300 attendees four years ago to over 650 this year! Save the date for 2018 – one thing's for certain, it will be FABULOUS.

We are blogging with a "Non-Profit November" theme this month to spotlight some of our favorite design projects for non-profit corporations. Be sure to keep up here and follow along each week to see what these amazing companies have been up to!

Non-Profit Spotlight: Pantego Christian Academy

Sometimes we work with a client on a project basis for their logo, website, a specific promotion, SEO, etc., but sometimes we serve the function of a design department, a marketing consultant, and an advertising agency all rolled into one with design projects sprouting up each month or even each week – such is the case for Pantego Christian Academy! Initially, we were brought on to help PCA brand its inaugural gala event last year, the planning and promotion of which spanned nearly six months. Since then, we have worked many projects for the school, and we are excited to start promoting the second annual Exalt gala again soon! Included below are just a sampling of the many projects we've created for PCA, including:

  • Social media square graphics & Facebook page cover images
  • Felted pennants
  • Brand/theme for the 2017-2018 school year
  • On-campus photo shoot
  • On-campus event invitations
  • T-shirt designs for alumni, senior class, cross country team, etc.
  • Postcard mailers
  • Event branding, including logo design & Save-the-Date for 2018 Exalt gala
  • Social media management
  • Retractable banner signage, foam core signage, and hanging vinyl banners (not shown)

We love working with PCA – it is always a fun challenge to act as an in-house designer because we certainly don't want every design to look the same, but we have to differentiate each piece while generally using similar font families and incorporating the school's color palette and branding, of course. The resulting pieces are very different from our corporate work in that we get to use some really fun typefaces and bold layouts to appeal to children, teens, and families – we want PCA's promotions to be a bright, fun spot in followers' feeds – far from run-of-the-mill! Keep up with PCA on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

We are blogging with a "Non-Profit November" theme this month to spotlight some of our favorite design projects for non-profit corporations. Be sure to keep up here and follow along each week to see what these amazing companies have been up to!

Non-Profit November

In keeping with a spirit of positivity and thankfulness (it’s that time of year, plus, we can ALWAYS use more good news), we are excited to share that we will be blogging with a "Non-Profit November" theme this month to spotlight some of our favorite design projects for non-profit corporations. Be sure to keep up here and follow along each week to see what these amazing companies have been up to: You’ll be wowed and inspired!

Client Spotlight: Worthington Lawn Care

When Worthington Lawn Care approached us to create a logo for their new business, we were excited to jump right in! At their request, we created concepts that included leaf and tree graphics, and in the end, the leaves were especially appealing because they tie in with the branding of the owners' other companies. We love the pairing of clean, modern slab and sans-serif typefaces for a professional look in their logo, business cards, and shareable social media graphic, all shown below.


This is not our first time to work with the Worthingtons... we go way back to their first business venture, Worthington Monuments, which has recently grown to include a fifth location in Colleyville, Texas (joining Burleson, Arlington, Stephenville, and Grand Prairie). We recently created a digital email invitation graphic to promote the opening, and updated their letterhead and business cards to include all five locations. Also shown is an ad we designed for placement in an event program where Worthington Monuments was a sponsor.

We are so proud when our clients' businesses grow and especially proud of all the work we create for them!

Web Design Upgrade

We've got a fresh new look!

While the clean, minimalist aesthetic of our website has served us well in the past, we wanted our online presence to pack a little more punch and be more reflective of the caliber of work we produce for our clients.

Additionally, we have showcased a LOT of our design work online in the past and it's been on our to-do list to refine our online portfolio. We are still showing a broad range of our work, so viewers can see what we can do and have done without feeling bombarded with never-ending thumbnails.

Take a look around and let us know what you think of our fresh design

And better yet, who do you know in need of a website upgrade? Send them our way or reach out here!

Logo Design: Color Psychology, Fonts & Unbreakable Rules

I designed my first logo back in journalism school in 2001 if you can believe it. More than 15 years and hundreds of concepts later, I have more than a few logo design tips to share!

Color Rules
for Logo Design

Color communicates SO much information to us about a business, whether or not we realize it. For this reason, we will typically send the first round of logo proofs in black and white so clients can focus on the design itself instead of being drawn to a design because of its color.

Color can bring up deeply rooted emotions, as specific colors are associated with certain ideas (which you may or may not want associated with your brand). Take some time to look at our psychology of color graphic – do you agree with the traits these colors represent? If we were developing a logo for a new salon/spa business, would we want to create a big, bold logo in red? Maybe, but probably not, yet I see them everywhere! What about a multi-color or pink logo for a bank? Maybe not...

A few more interesting tidbits on color:

  • Red can actually raise your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, and even make you feel hungry (it’s no secret many fast food and restaurant logos are red)!
  • Yellow may come off as too weak or as cautious; it's also typically too bright to stand on its own and will usually require an accent color as a background or border.
  • Blue is the most common logo color and is generally affiliated with large corporations. Most financial institutions use blue in their branding (because it conveys honesty, trust and integrity, of course).
  • Purple can be polarizing and may come off childish if used incorrectly (though since it appeals to children, you'll notice it often used in toy and candy package design).
  • Black, like brown, can be seen as boring. Keep the fonts crisp and fresh to avoid this.

Above all, when planning to brand your business, please don’t choose a color just because it's your favorite color (or worse, your child's favorite color... unless the business is a children's boutique)! Give some serious thought to the core values of your company and determine what color(s) best represent those values. One final (usually-unbreakable) rule: try not to incorporate too many colors in your logo. Instead of multiple colors, try monochromatic shades (using varying tones of only one color).

Number One Font Rule for Logo Design

There are plenty of do's and don'ts for pairing complementary fonts, but if there is one cardinal rule, it's to not use too many (1-2 fonts is best, but no more than 3 as a hard rule). Mixing a sans-serif font with a serif font is always nice, or mixing a script font with serif. It's also great to use varied weights of the same font family (for large font families like Helvetica, Garamond, Futura, Myriad, Minion, etc.) Typically, serif fonts evoke tradition, respect, and integrity (ex. Garamond, Times), whereas sans-serif fonts feel modern, high-tech, clean, and simple (ex. Futura, Helvetica, Arial).

Some final thoughts to keep in mind when imagining your logo

  • Your logo isn’t for you, it’s for your customer.
  • When comparing concepts, think about how the logo makes you feel. Do those feelings correspond with the business’ core values?
  • Is there a meaningful story behind the logo?
  • Will the logo stand the test of time or is it trendy (is your business meant to be trendy or are you trying to build clients for life)?
  • Is the logo unique and easily recognizable in a sea of competitors?
  • Does the logo still look great in black and white?
  • Does the logo scale nicely (does look good both super-small and huge)? If not, it might not be a deal-breaker, but you might need a brand mark. We can help!