Project Spotlight: Website Redesign for Inspirations Catering


Business owners are used to wearing a lot of hats and handling everything from the accounting to the janitorial duties around the office. There are tons of companies out there trying to capitalize on this fabulous trait shared by so many entrepreneurs. Business owners are increasingly being told they can quickly, easily, and beautifully build their own websites. And while it’s not exactly untrue, it’s untrue for many. Don’t forget from our Conference Recap: 94% of first impressions are based entirely on design, and 90% of the information people retain is visual in nature.

So how do you want to introduce yourself to your customers?

What information are potential clients going to infer and retain about your business, based on the functionality, professionalism, and the overall look of your website?

These are important questions to ask before you set out to save a few bucks and settle on a DIY website. There is no way to know how much money you might be leaving on the table from customers migrating away from your website because it didn’t feel like an extension of your business. We work with a lot of folks who have started out on their own, and whether we redesign the site from scratch or even spend just a few hours organizing and rearranging things, the site feels completely new.

Working with a professional designer should not be seen as an expense to your business, but an investment in your business.

Here’s a quick case study in the website of Inspirations Catering & Events. We’re not here to call them out, in fact, we love these folks and love their shop even more, but their previous website is a perfect example of a small business owner feeling like they MUST handle everything themselves and doing the best they could. The previous site didn’t include their logo, didn’t make use of their color palette, and some of the pages weren’t very easy to read due to dark type on a dark background or wonky spacing.

Click any photo below to enlarge it.

New Homepage (left) vs. Old Homepage (right):

We were able to take all their existing content and put it into a format that is SO much more user friendly, clean, open, organized, and professional. They are masters at what they do with food, and we’re happy their new website better represents that expertise to their customers. We still have a few new photos to swap in but it’s a huge step up!

New website:

Previous website:

The previous website simply didn’t represent the upscale look and feel of this business. Check out the gorgeous interior of their shop and some of their beautiful charcuterie boards from their grand opening:

*And please note those super-cute cheese-board cookies from Sugar Bee Sweets, too!

So whether you’re …

  • starting a completely new endeavor and need an online presence

  • you designed a website on your own but it doesn’t feel like the best representation of your business

  • you worked with another designer previously and need some help with website updates (due to lack of time or skill - makes no difference to us)

  • you want to switch web platforms (leave Blogger or Wix, for instance)

… we can help! We work on all kinds of websites - Wordpress, Squarespace, you name it. You keep being an expert at what you do, and WE will help you showcase it.

2018 Museum Recap

So much happened in 2018, we committed the cardinal sin of blogging and let it go dormant. Returning with a vengeance in 2019 — we have lots to share!

It doesn’t appear we made it outside of Texas all year, which is uncharacteristic, but we certainly made our way around the huge state and saw a lot of amazing art museums, galleries, and installations in 2018:

Amon Carter Museum (Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 34 & permanent collection) — Fort Worth, TX
Blanton Museum of Art (Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin & permanent collection) — Austin, TX
Dallas Museum of Art (Laura Owens exhibit & permanent collection) — Dallas, TX
Downtown Murals — Brenham, TX
The Flower Vault — San Antonio, TX
From the HeART Gallery — Galveston, TX
The Museum of Fine Arts — Houston, TX
The Modern (Takashi Murakami exhibit & permanent collection) — Fort Worth, TX
Sweet Tooth Hotel — Dallas, TX
Webb Gallery (Camp Bosworth exhibit & Bruce Lee Webb) — Waxahachie, TX
Wells Studio & Gallery — Salado, TX

Art highlights from Austin/SXSW 2018:

Top row, center
Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, Blanton Museum of Art, Austin

Top row, right
Vivir: A los saltos [To Live: By Leaps and Bounds], 1964, Romulo Maccio, Argentina, Blanton Museum of Art, Austin

2nd row, center
Ai Weiwei's Forever Bicycles, Austin, TX

2nd row, right
FEAST, Caitlin Pickall, on exhibit at SXSW 2018

Additional images (top row, left & 2nd row, left) are common areas at the Blanton Museum of Art.

From everywhere else:

Laura Owens exhibit, DMA; Downtown mural in Brenham; selfies from Flower Vault San Antonio; James Turrell’s "The Light Inside,” MFA Houston; Gabriel Dawe’s “Plexus No. 34,” Amon Carter, Fort Worth; Takashi Murakami exhibit, The Modern Fort Worth; Sweet Tooth Hotel (Various Artists), Dallas; Camp Bosworth exhibit “Thank You, Please Drive-Thru,” & Various Artists, Webb Gallery, Waxahachie

Here’s to hoping 2019 is filled with even more art and plenty of inspiration!