Graphic Design Packages & Consulting Services


We get it — we're a small business too — and we are honored to have worked with numerous other small businesses on many types of projects: branding, logo design, website design, creating marketing pieces, business cards, stationery, and even directing product photo shoots. 

We offer logo design packages which include a varying amount of consulting time, and then a number of initial concepts and revisions as well. 

We also offer web design packages which include consulting time, fully-integrated blogs, a full year of web hosting, various page quantities, and an array of add-ons like an online shop or SEO Optimization services.

Finally, we are happy to offer general graphic design time and design consulting at an hourly rate, which is perfect for the small business owner who may be managing design and website needs on their own, and for whom another pair of eyes and professional feedback could be extremely beneficial.

A lot of what we do goes above and beyond the actual hours spent designing a piece – it’s in the research, the revisions (including the numerous versions you'll never see, but are required to get to that perfect finished piece), staying on top of the latest software, reading up on design trends (for fun, if you can believe it!), and the meetings that can sometimes turn into hours of brainstorming to come up with the most perfect idea, which then makes the design process go really quickly.

Please see our complete list of products and services, and let us know when you’re ready to move forward!