Client Spotlight: Fat Loss DFW

We happened to connect with a team member from Fat Loss DFW at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce last year, right when they were in search of a graphic designer. The nutrition arm of their parent company, Elevation Health, had been operating as an affiliate of a larger nutrition brand/program and they were wanting to break away and develop their own branding as Fat Loss DFW. Beginning to market themselves as an independent local business with many nutrition and wellness service offerings has helped them to grow and develop as a company.

They wanted their logo to coordinate with their existing Elevation Health branding by using a similar color palette, but not matching the logos too closely of course. We tried a few different initial options, many of which attempted to represent "fat loss" graphically, but in the end, the client decided to focus more on a fresh look emphasizing the nutritional aspect of their program rather than a scale, or similar weight-loss-related graphics.

In the time since we created their new logo, they have been able to update their branding, website, business cards, and social media themselves, but we have been able to work with them on additional projects, creating new event/show signage in the form of flyers, handouts, brochures, and even retractable banners. 

One of the owners of Fat Loss DFW has been developing another brand in recent months as well – True Detox DFW, which is a cellular detoxification program. They really have every aspect of wellness covered between these three businesses! We created a logo to help launch True Detox DFW and in developing that look, we again wanted to stay cohesive between the three brands, but without being too "matchy." The True Detox logo definitely looks like a sister-company of Fat Loss DFW and we especially love beautiful breakout orange color! We're so proud of the work we've done for these businesses and we are excited to watch them continue to grow.