Laura: owner & Creative Director

Green Apple Lane owner Laura Heymann knew she would be a graphic designer ever since working on her high school newspaper. After studying journalism at UT Austin and working in the magazine industry for several years across Austin, Las Vegas, and Dallas, she began designing invitations and logos for friends on a freelance basis in 2009. Once the workload increased, she left her day-job as an Art Director, making her own business a full-time operation in 2010. After several years of steady growth, all business design and marketing services were moved under the umbrella of the "Green Apple Lane" brand name in 2016, and the rest is history!

Laura holds a bachelor's degree from Texas Woman's University with a dual emphasis in business and women's studies, and she currently lives in North Texas with her husband (they are already "empty nesters," thanks to the magic of adopting older kiddos)!

Megan: Graphic Designer

Megan finished her graphic design degree in 2017 after spending two weeks with us in residence as a design intern, and we've worked together ever since! She currently designs remotely from Nebraska, where she lives with her husband, their new baby boy, and their pets, including a very large pig named Felix (he has his own social media following... Felix is VERY popular). We try to get her back to Texas a few times throughout the year to work together and collaborate on projects in person.




Izehi is our preferred photographer for product shots, site visits, and corporate events. She operates her own photography business focusing on weddings and portraits and also teaches photography! We have been collaborating with Izehi for several years and even traveled out of state together for shoots on-location – we have such a great rapport and just love her work.



Maddy is an exceptionally talented animation major at Sam Houston State University. She especially loves character design, hosts regular live videos on social media to share techniques and tips, and she is already taking freelance commissions in her spare time. We love having her here between semesters!

lola: DESIGN intern


Lola is an award-winning artist with a gripping style, and she just wrapped up her high school career in North Texas. Already an accomplished children's book illustrator, she'll be starting college in fall 2018, and we love having her creative brain on the team!

The Green Apple Lane Team About Town

the Story of green apple lane

a note from laura:


Many people love our name and ask about it’s origin. Green Apple Lane is a real street in East Arlington where my grandparents lived when I was little girl. Their house is where I climbed trees, picked vegetables in the backyard garden, helped bake Christmas cookies, and counted stars from a huge nearby field to the echo of cicadas. There, I played softball with my cousins, swung on the screechy wire fence that was draped waist-high along the edge of their yard, and in their living room, I played the angel every year in a live nativity scene, with a gold garland halo and white satin wings. There in my Papaw’s garage, I swept up sawdust, played with tools, hammering and c-clamping lumber of all shapes and sizes, and “painted” the floor using a crappy paintbrush and a metal Sanka coffee can halfway full of water. 

My Nanny and Papaw were a sweet couple who fell in love writing letters back and forth during World War II. Each day after breakfast and cup after cup of coffee, they would read scripture together at the kitchen table. Most days you could find them stealing an afternoon nap in their recliners, separated only by a small side table with various remotes and a TV guide. Papaw could build anything you dreamed up, and when I begged my dad for a specific dollhouse, he passed the specs to Papaw for “research and development,” and then Pap built it ten times better than the store-bought version.

Nanny and Papaw never pressured us grandkids to become one thing or another, or to do things a certain way. They never chided us to call or come by more often or to quiet down. Even now, I can’t remember one raised voice in their house, ever. Nanny was always happy to see or hear from me, whether it had been 5 hours or 5 months, and I sincerely believe the only thing she ever wanted for us kiddos was for us to be happy. They have been gone for years now, but I have no shortage of amazing memories from Nanny and Papaw’s house on Green Apple Lane, where creativity abounded, and ingenuity flowed as freely as the never-ending coffee.

Do I need to live in Texas for us to work together?

Not at all — we work with clients nationwide. We’ll keep in touch via e-mail, phone, skype, or google hangout.

What is the best way to contact you?

E-mail (or our contact form) is the quickest and best way to reach us. If you would like to schedule a meeting a phone appointment or virtual meeting, please contact us first and we’ll set up a time.

How long will my project take to complete?

It depends how many elements to the project there are (logo, website, blog, online store, SEO, etc.) and when you decide to start the process. Once you book, we will set a tentative timeline, including the estimated time of completion.

how does Payment work?

For most projects, we bill by the hour with a retainer due to begin (retainer/deposit amount varies by project, which we will quote to you ahead of time). A link to our contract will also be sent to you with your quote, so you can officially book when you're ready. As soon as we receive your contract and deposit, we will add your project to our design production schedule. Your remaining balance will be due at the time you approve your order to go to press. If that date is less than 30 days from the date you order, payment in full is due at the time of booking and a rush fee may apply.

What is a "branding guide"?

It’s a guide we put together for you at the end of a logo design project, showing you how to use your logo in various circumstances. It’s basically your “how-to guide.”